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In 2010 the owner of Heritage Breed Farm, LLC, Larry E. McDaniel, Jr. was able to purchase the farm he grew up on. Larry has a strong agriculture background from milking cows to breaking wild mustangs as he was growing up. He has never got away from the lifestyle and hopes to preserve the way of living for his children and grandchildren. On the small farm located in Northern York, PA, he raises Berkshire pork along with grass-fed beef, chickens, and of course horses and mules.

Larry raises 100% Certified, registered all natural fed, antibiotic-free Berkshire pork. Pork is available in cut, vacuumed sealed packages, roasters, feeders, and butcher hog weights.

Larry is a member of the American Berkshire Association, the Wild Mustang and Burro Foundation, and the Buy Fresh, Buy Local Program. He is also a certified TIP trainer through the Mustang Heritage Foundation where he gentles wild mustangs, which are then put up to adoption. He has been raising livestock all his life and is an active horseman. He has received training from Chris Cox(Texas) and Tim Doud(Wyoming) which he uses to work with horses/mules, especially ones with problems.

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    Our 100% Certified, registered all natural fed, antibiotic-free Berkshire pork are grown with sustainable farming methods. We only want to serve you the highest quality, natural pork that you can feel good about serving your family and loved ones.

    Our Berkshire Pork is available in:

    • Cut vacuumed-sealed packages

    • Roasters

    • Feeders

    • Butcher hog weights

    Our animals live naturally, graze freely and are rotated daily among 14 of acres of land.


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    To purchase specialty cuts of pork from Heritage Breed Farm Please call 717-818-4885 to discuss availability & delivery options. 

    Local Delivery Available or Pick Up At Farm

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